Toffee Shards

So easy to make and seriously transforms cakes and pavlova’s  into something beautiful 


  • 1/2 Cup Caster sugar


  1. In a small baking tray place a piece of baking paper along the bottom
  2. In a large saucepan sprinkle the caster sugar over the bottom and  over medium to high heat
  3. Do not stir at all as the sugar will crystalize but swirl the melting sugar around the bottom of the saucepan  to disperse the heat and keeps the sugar melting.
  4. Once the sugar has melted and and turned a lovely golden colour quickly  using a spatula spread the very hot toffee on the baking paper and spread along so it is reasonably thin
  5. It doesn’t need to be a uniform shape in fact the more different end bits you have the better.
  6. This sets pretty quickly I just wrap it up in the baking paper it is on and keep in a airtight container until I’m ready to use
  7. It make the shards just break off big pits of the toffee and stick into cakes or pavs
  8. You can also make a lovely toffee dust by blitzing in a mini food processor and use immediately or else it will go sticky

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