Honeyed Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds

A great little something to put around carrot cakes or hummingbird cakes  and just a little more fancy than just roasted. This can also be used in Salads just add a pinch of chilli flakes when frying the seeds .

Walnut Praline

A lovely crunch  sprinkle over cakes to decorate or place on a cheese board 

Toffee Shards

So easy to make and seriously transforms cakes and pavlova’s  into something beautiful 

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Carrot and Ginger Cake

I initially decided that I didn’t need a carrot cake recipe on the website  but then I made this one by Nigella Lawson and had to share as its soooo good, The ginger creates a fantastic taste to the cake, …

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Chocolate Coconut Ice Slice

Fantastic quick and easy slice that kids can make and will get demolished incredibly quickly  Recipe is from Annabel Langbein’s  Free range in the city book .

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We have been using a few chickpeas of late in Melanie’s kitchen as the aquafaba ( the Brine of the chick peas ) as it is an egg substitute and my daughter has developed an allergy to eggs. However once …

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Apple Nappies

I  first cooked  these years ago when I was asked to recipe test them for a  recipe book for  students that went away on camp for a month and had to cook all their meals, My daughter renamed them Apple …

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Porridge two ways

Gone are the days of porridge laden with brown sugar ( however darn good that is !) these are my two versions which create a new dynamic to the humble porridge

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Date and Orange scones

So we are in week 5 of New Zealand’s level 4 Lock down due to Covid -19 and there is nothing open, except the supermarket and Pharmacies and I was really craving a date and orange scone that I would …